Society is burdening future generations with the responsibility to come up with solutions for the planet’s social and environmental crises. However, this task is complicated by the fact that young people and future generations will also have to face the worst consequences of unsustainable development, despite the fact that they have had the least impact on the planet’s life support systems. Sustainability is about environmental and social justice.

Our training programs, internships, and ecoclubs encourage students to envision creative solutions to sustainability challenges and empowers them to organize their communities into action.

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As a participant, volunteer, researcher, intern or member of civil society, come and join us in the collaborative construction of a more sustainable future for Galapagos.

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Acuerdo Galápagos por la Educación

Together with the Ministry of Education, we coordinate the Galapagos Agreement for Education (AGE by its acronym in Spanish), a public-private group that seeks continuous educational improvement in the islands, through the articulation and creation of public policy.

Escenarios vivenciales de aprendizaje

Galapagos provides a unique environment for learning outside of the classroom. EVAs (by its acronym in Spanish) provide multiple opportunities to make learning more relevant and lasting with the power of experience. This can be achieved by exposing students to new environments, or by interacting with experts or people in the community who can offer new learning. We designed EVAs as a support resource for teachers.